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Oh, that and a little problem with the screen from someone stepping on my laptop.Other than that it's been a trooper, I've never been disappointed by its performance.and if you want Rugged Laptop , Only Panasonic Tough books. But one day I hope I will A few years ago, Acer were pretty chill about you upgrading parts in their laptops (RAM, HDD and even Wi-Fi card) but nowadays, it seems that they don't want you to upgrade anymore and instead buy a new laptop.Best would be apple then Lenovo Worst would be Emachine (crap boxes) Next would be Asus major technical issues. Before, laptops had this big panel that you could screw off to access the aforementioned parts, but now, you have to take apart the whole laptop to even take a peek at the inside components, which can be daunting for beginners. I thought i'd add to this, that in my experience (i have been in a position servicing laptops both in and out of warranty), that at least 50% of the repairs were due to physiocal damage or miss-use.On a final note, Toshiba deserves its place on the bottom of the list IMO.A few years ago, I got a Toshiba laptop, and a few months later, the HDD broke.Even the ones I see in stores, the build quality for me is just not there.There is nothing called best Laptop Brand as you put it. very Few Companies make Workstations Laptops , and very few make good business ones ...

On the software side, specifically drivers, if it is a recent model then dell is great for downloading fresh drivers after a clean install but for an old model the detector software often fails.

On the other hand, HP is very well established and it is easy and cheap to fix or replace anything. They're made by ODMs - original design manufacturers.

They're like OEMs, except they also design the product. So there's very little orthogonality between laptop brand name and the qualities measured in the survey.

Buy a laptop to favour your needs, no laptop brand is the best or the wrost, although build quality is a factor but the generally big brands hp, asus, acer, sony have pretty good build quality.

And remember, its whats in the inside that counts, not the outside I would love a Mac laptop case with Microsoft software and Intel/Nvidia innards at a non-Mac price. My dell laptop has been a great value, but is starting to give me GPU heat problems after 5 years of gaming with it, then messing up the thermal pads.

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