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“bunny,” there was always a dramatic reveal and producers scrambling to clean up the PR mess.But for those who went on the show with relatively squeaky clean pasts, what was next after their moment in the sun?Unlike previous Real World residences, the suite is not decorated with IKEA furnishings.

Thus this was the first season in which all the castmates were at least that old.The Palms demolished six rooms to make the hotel suite in which the season was filmed, at a cost of over million USD.It was designed by Sharmila Tankha of the Jerde Partnership, the same firm that designed the hotel itself.It is the first season to be filmed in the Mountain States region of the United States, specifically in Nevada.The season featured seven people who lived in a converted penthouse suite on the 28th floor of the Las Vegas Palms Casino and Resort, which production started from February 13 until June 21, 2002.

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Furthermore, she similarly met her ex-husband, Thad Luckinbill, as he played the role of J. Hellstrom, the love interest and husband of Amelia's character, Victoria.

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