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During Andile's interview on Trending SA, the Khumbul’ekhaya presenter said that Lebo should not even consider going back in that relationship after their recent altercation that led to the police getting involved.Andile Gaelesiwe spoke about her concerns in relation to Nico and Lebo's relationship.He is paired with Nico for the three legged death race, after which he tends to the injuries, such as reattaching Paolo's severed leg and mending Valentina's broken arm.When Apollo and Meg leave he gives them medicine for their quest.Will was also present along with the other campers when Piper Mc Lean was claimed by Aphrodite, and when Jason Grace was given his quest with Piper and Leo joining him.He was probably one of the archers who were about to attack Festus.

He also heals Annabeth Chase after she was wounded while defending Percy Jackson.

Will Solace appears to help Nico sabotage the Onagers along with Lou Ellen and Cecil, having just finished delivering Coach Hedge's son and is eager to help in the battle.

While attempting to sneak up on the Roman camp, Nico and Will have an argument, exposing their position and attracting the attention of Octavian and his most faithful soldiers.

He is the current head counsellor of Apollo Cabin and a prominent camp healer.

He is currently in a relationship with Nico di Angelo.

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