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You can also try a much cheaper local Christmas fondant candy branded as Norbi.Norbi is a Hungarian fitness guru who is a great divider in Hungary.These days, the Christmas candy comes in shiny wraps.The Christmas fondant candies are not so fondant any more. According to a recent vote on the best szaloncukor makes in Hungary, the top two manufacturers are Stühmer (Stuhmer Korfu got tons of votes, it is made of honey, egg white, frappe and covered in dark chocolate) and Szamos Marzipan fondants (made of marzipan of course).

are goo-filled chocolate covered sweets wrapped in colorful foil. “It would be hard to find a Christmas tree in Hungary without them,” another Hungarian friend piped in.GEROLSTEINER - IMPORTED BOTTLED NATURAL MINERAL WATER[ ] 1 Liter $ 3.45 ea. Naturell is Gerolsteiner's natural mineral water without carbon dioxide and only slight mineralization. Lent calendars count the number of days until Christmas. [ ] $ 6.95 each [ ] 5 for $ 25.95 Our own imported fresh-ground walnuts or poppy seeds are wrapped in a light dough. (1 liter beautiful crystal bottle) Available in Round or Tall. Open each window and receive a small piece of delicious chocolate.At some of the Budapest Christmas markets, you can buy fondants by the kilo, but these candies may not have been tested, so it is better not to risk your health, especially if you wish to take it home as a small Christmas gift or souvenir from Budapest, Hungary.Many families hang the szaloncukor fondants on the Christmas tree, and place a basketful of them on the Christmas table.

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