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See more » The three actresses who play the flight attendants have their physical measurements listed in small print under their names. Perky Dany Saval (as "Air France") is the stand-out amongst the lovely ladies, none of whom gets an actual character to play.Curtis and Lewis might have been an interesting duo under better circumstances (and with snappier dialogue), but this material is beneath them.To raise buzz and awareness for the theatrical release of The Transporter Refueled, Playboy developed a truly integrated campaign that centered around a press screening and exclusive release party at the Playboy Mansion. Benny and Björn had already been a songwriting duo for six years when they teamed up with their girlfriends Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog — who were both Swedish pop stars already — to form Abba.developed a branded content program featuring custom videos and editorial to support Dewar’s 15 year Limited Edition Scotch.The program organically integrated key brand messaging and product placement.The stories that break through are told by brands built on disruption. We've made it easier than ever for existing and potential advertising partners to leverage our rich history, creative prowess and data to create authentic and relatable content that resonates with our audience of millennial men.To increase buzz around the DVD & Blu-ray release of Entourage the movie, Playboy developed a socially-driven digital marketing program to capture guys’ attention by giving them the chance to live like a VIP for one weekend in Hollywood —with Playmates included.

See full summary » American playboy Bernard Lawrence has cleverly designed a system using the airline timetables to keep going three affairs with flight stewardesses. See more » Tony Curtis/Jerry Lewis combination adapted from a play by Marc Camoletti about an American in Paris who is juggling the affections of different sexy stewardesses.

The two of them were hardcore about songwriting: they bought a cottage on the island of Viggsö where they could focus on making their music and lyrics as catchy as humanly possible.

"Each song had to be different," Andersson said in 2002, "because, in the Sixties, that's what the Beatles had done.

The program was amplified via custom content, a custom video series, co-branded promotions, and multi-channel social amplification.

To support the theatrical release of Unfinished Business, developed “Real Translator’s Guide: Playmate Edition” custom marketing program, a socially-driven program that tapped into Playmates to highlight the international themes of the film.

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