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Aquarius, on the other hand, has a persona woven into the collective, and always sees through the vision of "all of us." They offer each other the view from the other side -- Leo sees its part in the whole, and Aquarius sees its uniqueness as an individual.

The growth is toward each other, through the art of compromise and balance.

Each has something to offer the other that's priceless -- encouragement to fulfill their full potential.

Both are proud and can be dogmatic in their opinions.

They're both full of compassion, and as a pair, have a big impact on those around them.

They thrive together when each feels part of something committed and out-of-the-ordinary, but also feel the freedom to fulfill their dreams.

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Aquarius will have to learn to show up on time, too, since Leo won't be kept waiting for long. The freedom loving Aquarian is known to have a secret life, including -- gasp -- other lovers.

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